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Shirley A. McCain

3770 E. 151st Street
Cleveland, OH 44128
Phone: (216) 561-3937



Shirley grew up in West Virginia – the family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when she was in high school.   Upon graduation she entered the College of the Scriptures in Louisville, Kentucky.  There she met Richard and they were married in June 1966.  The McCains have Six Children; over 25 Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren and have been Foster Parents to many.  Shirley has been an important and active partner with her husband in all of their ministries.  In addition to her work with the church in Cleveland, Shirley also helps with various things at the College including updating and maintaining student records, correspondence, operating the library, and preparing food for special occasions.


             In 2008 Shirley retired from working over 30 years at Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA); for the last 12 years of her employment at RTA she served as Supervisor of Payroll.  Previous employment included Internal Revenue Service and school secretary.

             Shirley also operates MACMOMA’S Catering and Food Preparation Service and prepares food for many different occasions from simple meals and desserts to banquets.


Ø Family

o Married to Richard J. McCain (June 1966)

o Six Children:

§  Beatrice Osbey (Perry)

§  Richard McCain, Jr.

§  Ayme Jones (George)

§  Anita McCain

§  Robert McCain (Tashara)

§  Cleophis McCain (Robyn)

o Over 25 Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

o The McCains have been Foster Parents to many.


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