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Statement of Faith and Purpose

The College of the Scriptures is an institution of higher education dedicated to the training of workers and leaders for the church. The school was founded to meet the need for trained leaders to work in churches serving black communities at a time when many colleges would not allow blacks to attend. As such the College itself has been and continues to be an instrument of racial harmony and understanding. Since that need has not been fully met, the College continues to focus primarily on the equipping of leaders for minority communities in the United States while encouraging greater love, fellowship, and cultural sensitivity among Christians of all races. To that end, the College neither condones nor practices segregation or racial bias and our doors are open to any individual who is interested in studying the Bible and/or preparing for Christian service

The College of the Scriptures recognizes the Bible as the Divine Word of God and our source for truth and instruction in righteous living throughout all generations. The Bible is our chief textbook and we teach it as God's direct revelation of His Word to all and for all. The College was founded and is supported primarily by the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ of the Restoration Movement and seeks the restoration of the church to the pattern and practice of the New Testament. As such, the College does not recognize any human organization, institution, or authority as having control over the College or the Church in doctrinal matters.

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